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Bienvenidos and Welcome...

These blogs enjoyed a legacy of a little over a 4 years, from Febrero 2003 to Agosto 2007 - the early days of internet blogging. Reflecting on my life in the state of Queretaro and my first years of living in mainland Mexico. I discovered that living in Baja is not the "real" Mexico at all. I spent a couple years friving the Baja in the late 90's, finally settling in Los Cabo - met alot of fun drunken tourists, double knot spies and Expats that I guess you could call 'social friends or amigos'. But there is nothing in la Baja that can prepare you for the country of México.

To the right are a few links to some of the best of my Mexican blogs, with personal experiences and tips about living in Mexico, the stories of her people and the cultural ways that make this wonderful country so special, if not sometimes frustrating as I do go off on a rant every once in awhile... warning, it does get a bit political at times! But after a few years in the Mexico system, you learn to laugh and not stress about the way things work. The entire blog archives index is available on your left.




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mexican blogs about the lifestyle, art and culture, the people, the food and flavors of Mexico. What is happening south of the border and how it effects all of us - especially the US and Canada.








El Grito , Dia de la Independencía (Mexico's Independence Day Celebrations)

Virgen de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe)

La Posadas , Navidad Celebrations... , A Mexican Christmas Story (the festive Navidad - Christmas season)

Tres Reyes Magos , mas Reyes (the Three Magic Kings)

Dia de los Muertos , mas Muertos , y mas Muertos! , Muertos Fotos (Dead's Day...)

Bendición de los Animales (Saint Anthony's Day... when all animals are blessed)

La Matanza (Day of the Slaughter of the lambs, in Puebla)

Mexican Revolution (Viva la Revolution)

Urban Legends (the myths and stories passed down throughout Mexico)

Benito Juarez's Birthday (cumpleaños)

Looks like I didn't touch too heavily on a couple important holidays in México, like the 'Santa Semana' holy week (Easter) - probably because Mexico is pretty much closed that week and I can't get any business done! Nor the holiest of all days 'Dia de la Madre' (Mother's Day), May has so many freakin' holidays that they out-number the work days....


Mexican Comida.....
Some Of Mexico's Favorite Foods

   Escamoles (gourmet food of the gods...)

   Mexico's Favorite Fast Food!
   (is it tacos? hamburgers?...check it out!)

   'Mini' Cokes (gourmet coke with real pure cane sugar...)

The Politics Of Culture...

   The Juniors... (Mexico's rich kids, the 'loser' generation)

   Walmart , lies... , lies... , lies....... (yes, we hate Walmart)

   Carte Blanc For Mexico's Child Molesting Priests...
   (excused by the Vatican)

   Mexican's Don't Get Mad... They Get Even!
   (read and learn...)

   The Earthquake of 1985...
(the devastating Mexico City quake)

   Mexico's Parallel Government Is Born...
   (corporate money vs the people)

   Suenos Mexicanos...mas Suenosy Sex Suenos...    (Mexico dreams...)

   Milagros (Mexico's little miracles)

   Staying Legal In Mexico... (from 10 years of experience...)

   Street Dogs Or... Family Pets?
   (animal controllers or... dog killers!)

I hope you have enjoyed these blogs and that some of them have given you a special insight into living in Mexico and the way the game is played.

If I decide to start up a 'new' blog sometime in the future, a link will be put on this page to direct you to the new site.