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A blog about daily life in México as seen thru the eyes
of a foreigner living there - blogs updated



Amazing fantasies.... Impossible dreams...

The magic that is México, sueños prehispanico, visions that seem unreachable, where anything can, does and will happen, this is....... México.

The history and art of México, from the time of the Olmec, Mayan and Aztec. Web blogs of everyday Mexico, living the dreams... the color, the people, the cuisine..... catching the flavor of the old, with the México of today.

Just open your mind and take off into a guajiro dream!

Original Mexican Jewelry, Art & Prehispanic History of México

Welcome to the Private Vintage Postcard Collection of Baja California, gatherered over the past few decades, now for your enjoyment. For an Exhibition of Baja Photography in black and white... click on BajaMundo below to view this exquisite collection.
B a j a M u n d o       
 W h a l e s   D o l p h i n s        B a j a D o g s    


photography of mexico
fotos de mexico

The beautiful colors that are Mexico, come alive
in these photos albums of Mexican cities.

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